Bodyworks Physiotherapy and wellness KerikeriAt Bodyworks –  Physiotherapy & Wellness, we have an expert team of highly experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists. You can look at their bio’s here.

To see a Physiotherapist, you can call us, email us or just pop-in to the clinic. (You don’t always need a GP’s referral but, if you do have one already, that’s OK. Just bring it with you or have it handy when you call.)

We will book you in with your preferred Physiotherapist (if you have one) for an initial appointment (usually 30-min).

The most common reasons our clients come to us for help are:

  • Injuries that happened at home – strains and sprains.
  • Sporting injuries – in the gym, on the court or the field, during the game or during training.
  • Work related issues
  • Post-surgery or post-serious injury recovery and;
    • Strengthening work before an operation.
  • Unexplained pain and discomfort, whether it is present during activity only or ‘just is’!
    • Back and neck pain whether chronic or acute.
    • Joint Pain
    • Muscle pain
  • Chronic Pain, including chronic pain originating from specific medical conditions
  • Breathing Pattern Disorders
  • Rehabilitation for cancer survivors. (PINC & STEEL)