When Registering Your Attendance

We have 2 methods for you to register your attendance to the clinic.

  1. We are registered with the COVID tracing app, so please scan in when you arrive and have your Bluetooth turned on.
  2. Our Customer Management System registers your presence. We may ask visitors to wait in their cars or register with reception on their arrival.

Our Preparedness in Red, Orange and Green Levels.

We ask all our staff, clients, and visitors to follow the Ministry of Health guidelines as of 3rd December 2021.

Bodyworks Physiotherapy & Wellness have robust systems in place to reduce the risk to our vulnerable clients, staff, and visitors. Every new client and all new conditions registered to the clinic must complete a COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

Clients may be asked to discuss their health with our administration staff or a provider. We only ask questions relevant to the treatment being sought to ensure that it can be provided safely. You are not compelled to answer these questions.

We use our risk assessment tools to reduce the risk to the vulnerable among our clients. The more information we have, the better prepared we can be, using the right tools to reduce risk.

Our cleaning and hygiene protocols are robust. We clean all equipment after use, practice safe hygiene, and wear face coverings in the clinic (plus we ask our clients to do the same). We practice physical distancing, and all our staff are fully vaccinated (some are even on their 3rd round!).

If we are unsure of a client’s vaccination status, we do not use closed rooms for appointments to ensure good ventilation, we may use enhanced PPE, and we may ask them to reschedule their appointment to avoid the busy times (between 8am to 3pm) with our co-located business, Northland Pathology.

We have no control on Northland Pathology’s clients but because they are ‘in and out’, the risk is low but still present. To avoid the risk, we are scheduling vulnerable clients to times when Northland Pathology are not operating.

Our staff have young families that we know have unvaccinated children, which is another reason we may schedule some clients to after 3pm.