Employment Focused Programmes

At Bodyworks – Physiotherapy & Wellness, we have an expert team of highly experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists. You can look at their bio’s here.

Pre-employment Screening
In jobs where there is a high component of manual labour or heavy lifting, pre-employment screening may be relevant. Our Physiotherapists can assess your requirements and run the physical checks that make employing new staff less risky.

Safe Lifting and Handling
We offer group classes, customised to suit your staff’s specific product handling requirements, either at our premises or on-site at your workplace if that’s easier.
We’ll provide all training materials and signs that can be placed in work areas to remind staff of the correct techniques.
We can also provide customised exercise sheets to help staff stretch muscles that may become stiff or sore through heavy lifting.

Correct Workstation Set-up
Correct set-up of your staffs’ workstations can increase efficiency and reduce the risk of neck and back strain. This is especially important in situations where staff share a workstation.
Our physiotherapists are trained in correct postural alignment and can assess each staff member in their environment to ensure that their equipment is set up of for optimal safety and efficiency. If you would like more information please contact us to discuss your person requirements.

Vocational Rehabilitation
Bodyworks – Physiotherapy & Wellness works with ACC, other insurance companies and other health providers, to develop employment focused exercise programmes to enable you and your employees to regain function and pre-injury fitness.
Research shows that targeted rehabilitation programmes get people back into work safely and effectively.
In the first instance, speak to ACC or your insurance company about these programmes. If you are concerned about an employee and would like to see how we can help, contact us here for a confidential discussion.
These are the ACC programmes we work with;

        • Return to Work
        • Stay at Work
        • Work Ready