OMG! What a year! Talk about challenging and character building. 2020 had it in spades BUT we all made it.

So, as Otis sang in 1980, The Only Way is Up for 2021. (Yazz and The Plastic Population did it disco style in 1988).

We hope you and yours came through that year relatively unscathed. Apart from the obvious risks due to the pandemic, other, more insidious threats were about and needed to be taken care of.

Remember Aunty Jacinda asked us to ‘be kind’ and I think most of us did just that. We can not relax though. There are plenty of folk out there who need our help with support and kindness.

We need to be mindful of the year ahead and keep an eye on those who may be at risk. We need to be ready to lend a supportive hand or a kind thought when needed.


Bodyworks had a year of coming and goings. Paul Cubit left us after nearly 9-years for the big smoke, Tauranga! He is happy down there in a new gym, plying his trade and kneading his clients. We wish him luck.

With Paul going, we welcomed Louise Robinson to the ‘family’. Louise has energised the team with her enthusiasm and energy. She is also a very good physio and fits into the clinic perfectly.

Adara is another with boundless energy and drive. She has single handily got the GLA:D classes up and running. The classes have proved very popular, with everyone realising some benefit.

Adara also runs a couple of clinic based pilates classes as well as an off-site, workplace-based class.

Sharon’s pelvic floor health clinic has proven beneficial to both her female and male clients.
More evidence is now available supporting specialised Physiotherapy intervention for both men and women with pelvic floor issues.

Rebecca created a relationship with TBI Health, working closely with a number of their clients in the region. She has established workplace assessment procedures tackling early intervention and injury prevention and has developed a workstation review process, recommending remedial work if necessary.

Andrea has racked up 12-years with us this year! Time flies! 2020 had Andrea pass her Post Grad papers in Pain Management. This is a very complex field, involving pain behaviour and disabilities, thoughts and emotions and specific pain mechanisms in acute and chronic pain.

Well done.

Finally, the Boss. Allison started 2020 focused on Lymphoedema. She applied for and was accepted to a course in Napier and was due to leave when we were locked down. She continued her long-distance online learning and the course was rescheduled. A week before leaving, we were locked down again. The course was rescheduled. I think the government, the MOH and the virus were worried what might happen if they locked us down again, so they didn’t and Allison was able to sit and pass her Lymphoedema qualifications in November.

2020 learning in summary – Level 1 certificate for Treatment and Management for Lymphoedema, 2 x Post Graduate Certificates in Rehabilitation, 1 x Post Graduate Certificate in Pain Management, 1 x Post Graduate Certificate in Acupuncture, certificates in dry needling and acupuncture. Not a bad haul.

2021 – What Lies Ahead (do not look up the song by Semblant!)

Congratulations. As you are reading this it means that our new website is up and running and has kept going after being turned on. That is excellent news.

On the new, revised site –

  • We have tried to lighten things up a bit and make navigation easier
  • We have increased the knowledge base, providing information on all our services.
  • We have freshened our imagery and given you some idea on who we work with and what we do.
  • The ‘shop’ portal is back up and working after a revamp by our supplier. You can now have items delivered direct to your home.
  • You can continue to book classes and appointments online by following the links.
  • We have added to the plethora of existing information with our price list, our Privacy Statement, our updated Clinic Information, the class timetable, and my birthday (17 June),
  • And finally, the “B<{: Site” or News forum as I like to call it. This is brand new for us. Here you can access news and items of interest from the crazy world of Physiotherapy! New ideas, research results, treatments, and the occasional word of advice.

After upgrading our phone and IT systems in 2020, we are looking to relax a bit more. We have a little work to complete in the clinic to improve privacy, but all in all, we are hoping for a dull and uninteresting year…what about you?

It is Allison and my wish for 2021 that you and yours continue to have a healthy, rewarding, and safe year. Remember, if we can help you with any health issues please call us.

Our vision for Bodyworks has always been;
To provide the expertise, the environment and the encouragement that will allow you to attain your goals on your journey to Wellness.

The journey to Wellness will begin when you walk in the door; we will inspire you to trust, encourage you to succeed, empower you to change.

We are here to make your journey to Wellness successful and will walk beside you
every step of the way.

Happy New Year from
Allison, Mark & The Team